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Accepting credit card payments through PayPal
Accepting credit card payments through PayPal

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  1. Lisa Williamson Says:

    *I tried to send this email from the website (which is printed on my pattern) but it wouldn’t send it? I hope someone here can assist…please see my message below. Thank you, Lisa Williamson

    Hello, I purchased a patter you designed a few years back. It’s entitled “Picture Quilts” (revised 2002) of a German Shepherd dog (just the chest and head) laying down. I’ve had it for awhile and want to make it up for a winter project. I went to a Joann’s store today eager to find fabrics and wow……most just wouldn’t work. Can you suggest a few online sites that I might look at? The fabrics you worked with are more abstract and don’t have a set design to them so they work well for the idea. I couldn’t find one thing at the store that didn’t have flowers, shapes or some odd design that wouldn’t work well for this project. I’m anxious to work it up but I’m not sure where to find the appropriate type of fabric. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and you really do beautiful work! Have a nice day, Lisa

    • garymalec Says:

      Good afternoon Lisa Williamson,

      Thank you for contacting us on our Malec Designs website! Although we do designs in many mediums, we are a different identity from Sharon Malec’s quilted pattern design website. Our company caters towards business and product graphics in reference to our portfolio. You can maybe reach her by phone through her website – Thank you and let me know if you need further assistance, Gary Malec

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